A good solution for video communication is the AUKEY webcam full HD. You can simply clip the camera onto the screen or leave it on the desk. The camera records 1,080P HD video and 2.0 megapixel photos, it delivers a two-channel sound with its two integrated microphones. The setup is very simple: Simply connect the USB cable to the USB port of your device and open the software for video chat or recording.

The product features in detail:

  • 1,080p high resolution – with its 1/3 ″ CMOS image sensor, the AUKEY webcam delivers excellent video quality with a resolution of 1,920 × 1,080 pixels. You can also record sharp videos in dimly lit rooms (≤5 lux minimum lighting).
  • Stereo microphone on board – the two dual digital microphones ensure crystal-clear and natural audio and at the same time reduce background noise.
  • Plug & Play technology – USB video device class (UVC) does not require a driver or other software. For the setup you have to connect the webcam via the USB connection of your device.
  • Compatibility – readily compatible with Windows XP / 2000/2003 / Vista / 7 / 8/10, Mac OS 10.6, Android 5.0 or higher. Works with Android TV box, Skype, MSN, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Yahoo Messenger etc.
  • Ease of use – you can either clip this camera onto flat screen computer monitors and laptop computer screens or leave it on the desk and other surfaces.

TeckNet 1,080p full HD web camera with integrated microphone

The webcam from TeckNet is a high definition webcam for breathtaking HD video calls in 1,080p resolution. A real 2-megapixel sensor ensures colorful pictures with up to 8.3-megapixel resolution. When the lighting is dim, the brightness is adjusted automatically. This camera has a universal bracket so you can easily mount it on your laptop or monitor. The TeckNet camera with USB 2.0 connection can record videos with 2 megapixels (1,980 x 1,080).

This high quality camera delivers up to 30 frames per second. This means that the video images are displayed smoothly and without jerking. Commissioning is quick and uncomplicated: Simply connect the TeckNet camera to the USB port, install Skype and you can now make video calls. The camera supports the following operating systems: Windows XP / Vista / 7 and 8. The manufacturer grants an 18 month warranty on this TeckNet product.

AUKEY 2K HD webcam with automatic exposure and manual focus

This Aukey webcam delivers super-sharp HD 1,536p video recordings in 2K. You will be seen in crystal clear resolution with Super HD on Skype. Advanced H.264 compression makes video uploads and streams fast and smooth, with less stress on the computer.

With the Aukey product, not only the pictures are of high quality, but also the audio. The optimized microphone filters out all background noise so that you can be heard clearly. The setup is quick and easy: clamp the camera on your laptop or monitor and connect the USB cable. You can now make video calls.

Communicate with higher resolution: The 2K webcam from AUKEY has a significantly higher resolution than many other devices of this type. It also offers improved performance and more flexibility. Optimal focusing and a wider field of vision are achieved using the camera’s collar. The AUKEY webcam offers a wider 80-degree field of view, so that even two people fit into the picture.

Papalook Plug & Play webcam for Skype / Facetime / YouTube from Papalook

With its Plug & Play webcam, the company Papalook offers video recordings in real HD quality. The 720p HD video recording with a playback of up to 30 frames per second delivers sharp pictures without jerky. With this camera you can record 720p HD videos and share them on Facebook or YouTube. In addition to a sharp and crystal clear picture, the audio quality of the recordings is impressive.

The camera owes this to the built-in noise-canceling microphone. This noise canceling microphone removes unwanted background noise and ensures clear speech quality when chatting. The video preview remains password-protected, which prevents you from using the camera without your permission. This Papalook product is a perfect camera for chatting, whether on Skype or through other programs. You can start your video chat immediately after unpacking the camera – just plug in and get started, thanks to the easy installation via Plug & Play.

The product features at a glance:

  • 1,280 x 720p HD online video chatting (HD widescreen video chat)
  • A microphone with noise reduction technology – improved speech quality
  • Compatible with most instant messaging services
  • Quick commissioning thanks to Plug & Play – USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 connection
  • Manual focus

Logitech C922 pro stream webcam with 2 omnidirectional microphones

The Logitech Pro-Stream webcam with 2 omnidirectional microphones is one of the first webcams that supports UVC H.264 video coding and therefore enables video chats via Skype in full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. The Logitech webcam also works with high-quality optics from Zeiss with a 20x zoom.

Thanks to H.264 compression, you need less network bandwidth for a fast and smooth upload. The recorded video is automatically adapted to poor lighting conditions and, thanks to two omnidirectional microphones, you can record the sound in stereo from any direction. The fully adjustable table tripod is also practical. It has a rotatable bracket and can be extended to 18.5 centimeters. This allows you to set the webcam to an angle that enables a particularly advantageous display.

The Logitech webcam offers you these advantages:

  1. Streaming with Full HD 1,080p at 30 frames per second / 720p at 60 frames per second
  2. User-defined change of the background possible
  3. Automatic exposure adjustment
  4. Two omnidirectional microphones
  5. Adjustable table tripod

HAVIT N5086 USB Pro webcam for laptops and desktop PCs

The HAVIT company is one of the providers of high-quality products in the IT and PC sector. With the USB Pro webcam for laptops and desktop PCs, the manufacturer offers a camera that is optimally designed for video calls via Skype and other IM services such as Yahoo Messenger or Gmail Voice. With a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, the HAVIT webcam brings good picture quality.

An autofocus sharpens the picture without interference. You only need to connect the camera to the computer or laptop using the USB cable. The installation then takes place automatically and without any driver. After installation, the webcam turns on and can be optimized in the integrated LEDs using a scroll wheel on the USB cable to adjust the brightness.

Function overview:

  • Easy and quick installation thanks to Plug & Play
  • No drivers necessary
  • Integrated microphone in dual stereo version with automatic noise reduction
  • Video calls through your favorite IM services
  • Snapshot function and quick upload to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Logitech C525 HD webcam with 360-degree pan function

For HD video calls and recordings on the go – the Logitech HD webcam with 360-degree pan function and with auto focus is the right choice for your project. With it, you can keep in touch with the people you care about. Thanks to Logitech More HD technology, it delivers smooth 720p auto-focus HD video that you can send using your favorite instant messenger or Logitech Vid-HD. The camera works with almost all common instant messenger applications.

HD videos can be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with just one click. The collapsible design with swivel function proves to be very practical. You can fold the device and take it with you wherever you go. The camera can also be rotated so that you can always find the right angle for your conversations and recordings. You can take stunning photos up to 8 megapixels (software interpolated).

Logitech C930 business webcam with digital HD zoom

The Logitech C930 business webcam with digital HD zoom makes your video calls almost as realistic as if you were on site. The technology of the Logitech webcam enables clear video and sound quality in almost any environment, even in poor lighting. With 1080p resolution, H.264 video compression and a wide 90-degree field of view, this webcam is predestined for great video conferences. The Logitech device offers a 90-degree field of view, options for panning and tilting and a digital 4x zoom.

Working with this camera is obviously fun: Zoom in, zoom out or pan to hide distracting backgrounds. Put yourself or another person in the limelight or capture the whole action – these are the possibilities offered by the Logitech webcam.

The built-in premium image sensor gives you the HD quality of the images without edges, even when zooming in, the images remain pin sharp. You attach the camera wherever it fits best – on a screen, a laptop or on the table. This is possible thanks to the removable clip. You can also screw the camera onto your own tripod. You can fold down the removable cover for more confidentiality and security.

Creative LIVE! Chat camera HD with integrated microphone

The Creative LIVE! Chat-Camera HD delivers a smooth and interference-free video transmission and is able to suppress noises and hide the background to make the conversation completely noise-free. This model from the manufacturer is a high-quality, well-processed live and HD video webcam. The camera can be set up and put into operation using the free software. The Creative LIVE! Chat-Camera HD is compatible with Windows 8 and 10, but you can also operate it with Apple OSX. When the cable is plugged in, the camera is automatically switched on and shows the current status via a green LED light.

You can fine-tune the image resolution, color, brightness and contrast. After using the free software Live! Downloaded Central 3 Lite, you can capture 720p HD video and photos up to 5.7 MP, which you can easily upload to social media sites like YouTube or Facebook by clicking.

What is and how does a webcam work?

Webcam test A classic webcam is nothing more than a digital camera that transmits its images in real time via the Internet. This is done either publicly with access for everyone – as with permanently installed cameras at some popular sights – or privately for a narrow audience – for example with video telephony via Skype.

A webcam works like a normal camera. However, there can be certain differences from model to model. For example, a continuously moving image is usually not filmed and transmitted, but a snapshot is only generated at certain time intervals.

Some webcams are able to transmit sound in addition to the image.

Legal basis for operating a web camera

Attention: You should know that! If you want to take people with a webcam, you must observe the rights to your own image and the data protection laws. Mainly you are not allowed to put people on the internet without their consent.

The webcam offers access to the personal living spaces of its users, which can unfortunately be misused. Hackers can simply take the images from a webcam and misuse them for their purposes. Such hacker attacks are of course illegal and strictly prohibited.

As a rule, however, they are rarely punished because the user often has no idea that he is being spied on. It is not uncommon for there to be no traces of the perpetrators that could be persecuted. Many users are simply too comfortable and reckless, which makes it easier for hackers to access the third-party webcam.

Not only Windows users are victims of such hacking attacks, Mac users also need to be more careful. Most of the time, the system or webcam is accessed using an inconspicuous program or an app that the user installs carelessly and innocently.

What measures can help to protect yourself from hackers? If you follow a few important basic rules, security in your own system can be improved considerably. Be especially careful with any type of download. In principle, you shouldn’t download anything from an unknown or dubious source. In addition, you should always keep your operating system up to date. This particularly affects Windows users, for whom regular updates are important. It is also important to install a good antivirus.

You can temporarily “switch off” the webcam of a laptop by sticking a small strip of dark adhesive tape (it must be opaque) on the lens. Better use an external webcam than an integrated one. With an external webcam, it is sufficient to remove the plug of the USB cable. You are already on the safe side and nobody can access the functions of the webcam.

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