There are hundreds upon hundreds of xxx cam sites out there where you can watch sexy girls stripping, masturbating and dancing on command. Not many of them offer much outside of the usual model, as these sites usually work: you click into a girl’s room, watch her along with hundreds of other guys, give Tringelder to encourage her to show more, and you then pay a certain number of coins to host a private Show with her. As a porn addict I’m sure you know the procedure.

However, it is rare for a page to appear and really change the game. I mean in a significant way. For example, when Lovense Lush was invented, it was a serious change for the entire Cam industry. Camming sites left and right quickly began to adapt their features to match it to the small pink Bluetooth controlled sex toy.

Now viewers from all over the world could control how their girl was pampered, and this is done by the viewer’s own Hand. Pretty damn cool, right? I can’t say that there have been big changes in the online Xxx Camming industry since then. Until now.

Presentation of SkyPrivate.COM: a Model website for adults that works exclusively on Skype. No more sitting in line with a bunch of other guys who jerk off and tip and wait to go private with her. With SkyPrivate you host private from the beginning. Once you have created an account and top it up with at least $ 25, you can choose from the huge list of girls available to SkyPrivate.

Tons of Sexy girls under control

Girls on Sky Private set their own price per Minute and you can choose anything from $1 per Minute to $12 per Minute. Just a quick note: it doesn’t look like the $12 per Minute Models have much more to offer (except maybe oversized Egos). Some of the more expensive girls are insanely hot, for sure, but on the other hand, there are also some of the $1/Minute girls. Don’t let yourself be outwitted!
Speaking of hot girls…. Holy shit, SkyPrivate has so many of them. Seriously, a much higher ratio of extremely hot to average looking chicks than I’ve seen on any other Camming platform in my life. That must be the appeal of Skyprivate’s model-oriented business, where the lady has control over her own prices, rules, restrictions, niche fetishes, etc.

In addition to the hottest girls, SkyPrivate will also have more experienced Cam Girls than many other sites. It would make sense that a girl might not be as familiar with the advantages of a service like SkyPrivate over a more traditional Cam Site if she had never worked as a Cam Girl before. Although I encountered a few beginners here and there, the overwhelming majority of girls on SkyPrivate seemed to know what they were doing.

This is another aspect of this website that distinguishes it from other websites that deal with adult camera Shows. Each Model lists everything they like directly on their profile. This means that we need to rummage through horny cockheads with a little more discernment, we need to find a girl whose interests suit our own, as opposed to the assumption that simply by finding a camroom of a random slut, you have one who likes what you like. I like it because it not only gives you a better experience (for example, if you really like ddlg and she is, chances are you will enjoy it more because her enjoyment is real and she will deliver a better Show for you), but it also helps the Models.

Now she doesn’t have to worry about being harassed by a random loser who tells her to call him Daddy if you don’t want to. With the way SkyPrivate works (you have to contact her to start a conversation on Skype before you see anything), she can simply choose not to accept a Chat from someone if she’s not interested or if a porn addict like you gets it wrong.

From registration to ejaculation

Let’s go through the process, from signing up to SkyPrivate to finding a girl and enjoying a Show. So, basically, you’re going to go to . Immediately, the page will show you in a simple 3-Step Guide How it works exactly. So, you create an Account, because this site looks obviously damn cool (not to mention that you are a horny, dirty old man, who has too much time (and soon also squirts)).
Then you load up some funds and start surfing. The membership area might be a bit confusing at first. You will not be automatically led to an infinite gallery of live girls, as you are used to from other Cam sites. Instead, you’ll find a user Dashboard that tracks your use of the site. Show your account balance, the history of the video calls and the payments made. Even provide charts to help you track your activities.

I do not know how you are, but numbers make me soft. To the left of the Dashboard page is a clear and easy-to-use menu bar. Choose from Dashboard, payments, history, calendar (which allows you to track bookings), Shop, Settings, Messages, advertising (use coupons if you have any), See model profiles and customer service. Below the menu bar are some thumbnails of Models that are currently online. I found out that I had better luck by simply clicking on view model profiles to get to a full list of all available girls.

Once you’re on the search page, you can either check Girls By category or use the “filter models” option of the website, which is pretty decent. Choose either women, men, couples, Trans (or any combination of the four); select an age group (18-60); filter by the price per Minute ($1 – $ 12); select only Models with a Shop, only models with preview Videos or only models that are online; select a language (English, French, German, Spanish) and enter as many keywords as you want.

Once you’ve adjusted your filtration settings to your most accurate fancy desires, you can either reset filters (go crazy specific with completely different fetishes and age range), or save it as Standard, which is such a convenient Option for someone like me who knows what they like and what they know.

Among the thumbnails that appear for your search, you have a list of categories to choose from: Normal, BDSM / fetish, girlfriends experience, non-adults (people looking for a cleaner Skype Chat, I think?), Jock Men and Porn Star.

When you click on a girl’s profile, it contains tons of information, including her interests, statistics, prices, Skype username, the ability to send her a message (this opens Skype), Videos (if she has any), what she’s doing, a biography and additional pictures (most girls have a good amount so you can make an informed decision). You can also select “favorite models, so that you will be notified when the best girls are online.

In addition to all these awesome features, you can also choose a time when you can schedule a show with a girl when she’s offline at the time of your visit. You propose a date (and a length) and she can either accept or reject your proposal. Which actually leads me to the only disadvantage of SkyPrivate.

Time and energy requirements

It may require a little more patience to use this site over a traditional adult Camming site. What I mean by that is that it does not happen immediately. Whether or not you end up watching a Show at all depends on many things: whether it’s online when you are, whether it’s accepting your Skype chat request (a few I didn’t report), whether it has a crush on the same things as you, and whether it’s willing to do what you want (many Models may find out this information in advance).
So, don’t go to SkyPrivate as hard as a rock and expect to immediately jerk off to hot girls on Skype…. there is a chance that it will take a little time to find a girl that you like and that wants to do what you want her to do. The advantage, however, is that there is the potential to build a real relationship with your girls.

Connection is one of the main selling points for SkyPrivate; many of these girls are actually looking for someone who is some kind of online Sugar Daddy. At least many of them are looking for the potential of something ongoing, I think. There are still a lot of sluts waiting to practically suck your cock and be done, sure, but they might just be a little harder to get than on a regular Cam page, so I’d keep that in mind.

All in all, I love this site. What an innovative twist for an already great Online model. I recommend it to anyone who likes to interact with real sexy girls and who doesn’t?

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