Visit X is one of the oldest livecam chat offers in Germany. This veteran of Camerotik is constantly reinventing itself. This was the only way Visit X managed to stay up to date and to be technically always at the forefront. The result was, for example, the Cam Erotik Innovation VR – Virtual Reality.

What is there for free?

At VisitX there are mainly free pictures of the models. Almost every broadcaster has uploaded enough pictures of yourself so that you can get a first impression. In direct comparison to international providers, there still seems to be an upward trend. Nevertheless, you will be successful in choosing a model just as often, because the rating system shows you how happy other users were with the cam model.

Who uses Visit X?

First of all, men who are looking for German women are happy. The selection of fetish cams is very good for a German provider. If you browse through the categories, you will quickly find a large selection of male channels in addition to women for every taste. Experience has shown that the number of men who can actually be found online is not too large. However, it does no harm to look at the selection of male channels and to write the object of desire without obligation. There are both gays and straight men. So this is particularly interesting for women. By far the largest broadcaster group at Visit X are women. Both numerically and thematically. German cam girls of all ages and for every taste are bustling here. Young & petite (from 18 years), housewives, MILFs and older mature women are sorted in different categories and are waiting to be discovered. Anyone looking for fetish cams will have a good chance of being happy with Visit X. Online mistresses, slaves, bondage, humiliations and role-playing are just a few types of fetish that are offered here by experienced broadcasters. Money slaves will also find their mistress here. Guaranteed.

Technically mature

Visit X is completely responsive and seamlessly adapts to any screen. On a smartphone, the user should hold the device horizontally so that everything fits on the screen. The station overview is designed as clearly as possible. The transmitters are presented on large tiles without distraction. A few useful information are integrated in each preview picture. A small green dot shows the online status of the broadcaster, the name of the broadcaster including age is of course also displayed and country flags indicate which languages ​​the broadcaster knows. Many broadcasters also offer telephone sex. This feature is identified in the transmitter profile by a special handset symbol. The user can already see all important key data at a glance in the station overview. If the mouse pointer touches a preview image, the minute price for the Livecam Chat is displayed. If the user is already logged in, they can add the station directly to the favorites list by clicking on a heart button. It’s fun to click through the profiles, because the focus is always on the essentials. Very well!

Buy credit

Credit can be purchased at Visit X in various ways: To pay by credit card, direct debit, instant transfer, GiroPay, transfer, Bitcoins or Paydirekt, data must be added to the profile. However, many users would like to remain anonymous. There are various reasons for this that are understandable (keyword: wife, girlfriend, friend). Here, customers decide whether they want to pay by credit card and bank transfer in the traditional way, or prefer to remain anonymous with a Paysafecard and Bitcoins.

Pay anonymously

Paying anonymously is also possible: Telephone access and Paysafecard are among the payment methods that do not require bank or credit card details to be stored in the account. The Paysafecard is the method that offers the highest anonymity. While all the payment methods mentioned leave one or the other digital trace on the net, the Paysafecard is completely anonymous, as it can be bought in cash in supermarkets, petrol stations and kiosks. The Paysafecard works like a voucher and can be used as a universal means of payment online.

What does VisitX cost?

With Visit X, only the time in the chat is paid for. Apart from the VIP Club, it is an on demand offer. The time in the cam chat is billed to the minute. Each broadcaster can set the minute price independently within certain limits. To get into the chat, credit must be purchased beforehand. Payment can be made conveniently by credit card, bank transfer, bitcoins, Paysafecard and other payment methods. The billing is carried out consistently standardized and reputable via established payment services. That means security for the customer. The VIP Club is an extra subscription offer from VisitX, which can be canceled monthly at any time. The VIP Club must be booked manually. Visit X users decide for themselves whether they want to join the VIP Club or not.

Visit X VIP Club

The VIP area offers the user advanced functions and features for VisitX that are not available in the standard version. That is why some extras are extremely useful and indispensable after a short use. The free live preview shows current still images from the broadcasters’ live chat as preview images. This shows at a glance whether the model is active and whether it is worth visiting the show. (After all, every cam minute costs money.) In the cam overview, the user can quickly get an overview of the activities of the Camgilrs.

Other VIP benefits are

As a VIP user there are even more free pictures and videos. That means more material to browse.

Favorite list for pictures and videos – this special list of favorites can be used to organize your personal favorite pictures and videos and is therefore always at the start.

Special promotions for VIPs – these are special free camshows only for VIP members or special discounts.

The most important question that every customer naturally asks sooner or later is: How can I cancel my VIP membership? It’s easy: To cancel the VIP area, a short and informal email with the username to [email protected] is sufficient. You can also cancel the VIP membership by phone via the free support hotline. The VIP Club can be canceled monthly! You can cancel your VIP membership as easily and easily as you have subscribed to it.

“My VisitX” (the members area)

The Visit X head office is clearly laid out. Almost all activity messages and updates are displayed centrally in the upper status bar. So what is there to see here? The overview shows the most important information about your personal profile in a large banner:

  • Which favorite channels are online now?
  • New videos of my favorites
  • New photos of my favorites
  • Current purchases
  • New pins

In the upper status bar there is an icon with a counter that shows unread mails Whatsapp messages and notifications. In the user menu, purchases can be made or profile settings made. If a voucher code is available, it can be redeemed here. On the pinboard there is the possibility to organize galleries or video clips so that they are available at a glance later. Especially at the beginning, if newbies are still orienting themselves, this is a great help and a central feature. If you browse the portal, it can happen that the senders of the profiles you visit send you automated messages. But don’t worry: these are pleasantly unobtrusive and invite you to revisit the channel. You can use Visit X like a community. If you would like to maintain contacts with models, Visit X is right for you,

Technical requirements

No rocket technology is necessary to enjoy LiveCamchat on Visit X. But it should be a reasonably modern computer or a good lab top.

Difference between Voyeur Cam Chat and Livecam Chat on Visit X

All functions of the portal are available to the user in the Livecam Chat. In addition to live streaming with sound, the user can also actively participate in text chat. In Livecam Chat, Cam2Cam is possible at any time, but usually costs extra. Users can also upload their own pictures in live chat if the camgirl so requests. The webcam window can be adjusted and the volume can be adjusted. In the full chat you can send the camgirl a “tip” and request a 1: 1 chat. The normal chat is characterized by the fact that all users have to share the text chat. In 1: 1 chat, however, the broadcaster focuses on a single user. The voyeur chate has limited functions. As a voyeur you can only watch. Neither chat functions nor text chat are possible. However, you can switch to the Livecam Chat at any time.

Free Visit X support

A big plus is the free phone support. The support page with the free service numbers is located in the footer area at the bottom of the page under “Support”. Visit X Support is available Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. On Fridays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The free 0800 numbers are available for different regions: The numbers are provided for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, USA, Spain, France, Italy and the Netherlands. In addition to telephone support, Visit X has prepared an extensive FAQ to answer frequently asked user questions. If you want to send an email to support, you can do that too. You can find the right email address on the support page. Users with technical problems or questions are guaranteed to find quick help here.

Telephone sex at VisitX

Telephone sex is an important feature of Visit X and was built into the portal in a very good way. Even users without an account can use telephone sex. The big advantage of this is the fact that the phone sex partners are real. The women describe themselves on the transmitter profiles and give real information about the person to the visitor. In addition to the telephone sex voice, there is always a real person at Visit X. So if you would like to know who speaks at telefonsex on the other end of the line, you should take a closer look at Visit X. If a broadcaster offers telephone sex, a 0900 number is displayed in the profile, under which the camgirl can be reached. The fees are the usual cost of telephone sex, and are clearly visible.


The usability is intuitive and simple. The site uses web standards, which means that even new users can find their way around quickly. The user area is well integrated into the page. So you can see at a glance who wrote the last time, whether favorites are currently online or whether there are new messages in the WhatsApp group. There are large preview images in the cam overview. As a result, the user has a great overview of the big picture. In the profiles you can see at a glance how much a cam minute or a message costs. Thus, the user knows immediately what costs will be incurred. Visit X not only promises transparency but also implements it. The presentation of the content clearly shows that Visit X is playing with open cards here. It is no wonder that Visit X is one of the most popular cam providers. Even before the redesign. In order to see “from 18” photos on the page, the age must be confirmed beforehand. Who does not see only censored placeholders instead of the hardcore pictures. There is more information about the Sender Profile in the next paragraph.

The Visit X transmitter profile

Visit X presents the channels in an exemplary and pleasantly clear manner. With little text and many graphics, the key data of the models are displayed accordingly. The most important data are therefore age, zip code, height, weight and cup size. In men, the penis size is therefore given instead of the cup size. All the facts are beautifully presented on tiles. The details page offers even more information and that clearly and clearly. In addition to the zodiac sign, sexual orientation and eye color, the transmitter reveals even more details about itself. Incidentally, the question “What would I take to a deserted island?” definitely not missing.

Would you like a little more?

On the “About Me” sub-page you will find even more personal information. For example, the user can find out here whether the station is more wild or more romantic or more faithful or a bitch. Here the stations show more information about you, if available. For example, the online domina MadameYve writes “What are my fetish experiences?” “Femdom, sadistic, femdom”. Something can be done with such clear statements. Directly below the facts you can see the awards that the broadcaster has already collected on Visit X. There are awards for excellent reviews, many fans, activity on the portal or for camshows in HD quality.

The VisitX fetish range…

… is large and broad. Here the inclined cam fetish surfer will almost certainly find what he is looking for. The focus is on fetish varieties that can be lived out online. If you are looking for a dominatrix or a fetish partner in real life, you should look around on other platforms – a dating community with a focus on fetish is clearly the better choice in this case. With Visit X you can only live out your fetish fantasies virtually.

Online education & money fetish

Dominas offer online education, humiliation, punishment and role-playing games on Visit X, which cover pretty much everything from nurses to mistresses. In addition to dominant channels, there are submissive models who want role-playing games with dominant users. Devote models also execute commands outside of the chat, which were issued during the cam session. It is important to find a fetish partner who is responsible if he or she takes over the dominant part. Even more than with other cam models, the “business” should be clarified at the beginning of a fetish relationship – maybe even in writing or by message (this can even increase the tension). The first time you contact a dominatrix or an online sub, you should and should pay attention to your gut feeling. Because here the rule is: It’s better to look a little longer than half dissatisfied. It’s worth it, because the selection at Visit X is large enough.

Pee wanted

Visit X allows netursekt and caviar in front of the cam. For fetish friends, this fact is a striking argument. A major difference to international online webcam fetish platforms is the fact that German providers allow pee and caviar. American camportals already prohibit showing pee in chat.

Discounts & promotions at Visit X

A good tradition of German campsites are discounts and promotions for holidays or important events. Visit X also builds on this custom and offers users percentages again and again – mostly just like that. In this way, you regularly save money with which you can occasionally take your partner out to eat. Some vouchers are already available when a user registers again. In short: Most vouchers are simple and easy to get. The money you save with these vouchers can and should be invested in additional coins. The first discount offered by Visit X is the “10 Euro voucher”. The user can secure this right away when opening an account. The voucher amount is calculated automatically. Visit X automatically calculates bonuses and discounts in the background. Great! Another standard discount is the “Free Month VIP Club”. The individual VIP benefits are described in detail in this article. In other words, the customer can regularly use discounts and promotions.

2x a month: Freechat shows

There is a freechat show twice a month, in which various stations are live online for about half an hour. Open to everyone and almost everything. VIP members can take part in both shows. Users without VIP status can only watch one Freechat show per month. Despite this limitation, it’s still a great free service!

Visit X conclusion

Visit X is a German Camportal with tradition. Furthermore, the mission of the German cam portal is to offer the user the best cam experience possible. On top of that, security, transparency and discretion are at the top of the list. If you are mainly looking for German women in chat and value good support, this is the place for you. Visit X presents itself in a modern look and feel. This completes the positive impression. The bottom line is that we recommend every Visit X to everyone.

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