Welcome to You Jizz (not “ujizz” or “jizz tube”)! According to a press release from the network filtering company Optenet from 2010, 37% of all content on the Internet is pornographic. Although this exact figure has been questioned (it is worth noting) by later studies (which used other metrics), there is no question that a significant portion of all content on the Internet is devoted to wanking.

However, this should not come as a surprise when you consider that Sex (alongside music) is one of the universal languages. You don’t believe me? Let’s say you go to Japan with zero language skills. You have to get to a distant city, so you take a train. On the seat opposite the aisle sits a beautiful Japanese girl in a short plaid skirt and knee-high stockings. You notice how she looks at you from her seat, but you shrug her shoulders. Maybe it’s just a cultural thing, you think. You look briefly away and out of the window and look at the landscape.

You can’t help but think of the sexy Japanese schoolgirl, so take a quick look. This time she stares directly at you and bites her lip. your hands begin to move slowly up her thigh. She spreads her legs slightly. She did not interrupt the eye contact with you. Her Hand goes higher and higher until she gently rubs against her clitoris and seductively bites her Finger. No words are necessary. She certainly wants your cock. What are you waiting for, you idiot, you better cross the aisle and join her!

In other words, Sex is one of the most deeply rooted human needs. Of course, it is not surprising that sexual content dominates the Internet, a place where all of humanity shares all of its knowledge and interests.

However, since there is a dizzying amount of pornography on the Internet, it can be difficult to sift through everything and separate the first-class from the inferior. Of all websites on the internet for adults, many of them are porn sites. In the last ten years, the Tube site has become the new industry standard for free porn. Gone are the days of file sharing and hiding Videos on Youtube. The Tube is king. But there are just so many Tube sites to choose from.

That’s exactly why I’m here to tell you which sites are worthy of wanking and which are junk. You’ve probably heard of Pornhub, Redtube and YouPorn (they dominate the porn tube industry). But have you ever heard of a website called youjizz.com ? No? All right, then why don’t we take a look?

I Jane, you jerk off

I love a website with a funny and simple name. Youjizz. It says everything it has to say, it is fast and easy to remember. All too often I stumbled across really great Tube sites and couldn’t remember what they were called when I tried to find them again. With youjizz, it is very unlikely that you will forget them. If you’re at a loss, you just have to think about what you do with most of your free time: (you jerk off) youjizz. Oh, Yes, how could I forget!?

As if your name was memorable enough, it says directly under the Logo on the Homepage of Youjizz: “Yes, Sir!”and the O and the U of Youjizz turn into the face of a winking aristocrat – the O is an eye with a monocle, the U is the wink, and under the two letters is a mustache and above it a cylinder. Finally, a page has emerged that makes wanking stylish again!

Similar to the name of the page, the page itself is ready for immediate use from the moment you arrive at the start page. No explanations or guidelines or any unnecessary nonsense that keeps you from your porn. Just a navigation bar at the top and a list of thumbnails at the bottom that extends over hundreds and hundreds of pages.

Let’s get down to business

The thumbnails are all really high quality. There are also good thumbnails. None of this still image bullshit. Instead, to preview when you hover over it, Clips from the Video will be played. And the website does not seem to suffer any delay. That’s how it should be, folks. With so many websites to choose from, you really have to offer the best of the best when it comes to the functions of the website and if you want to survive.

In addition to the countless great porn clips you can choose from as soon as you enter the website, Youjizz also offers an apparently decent navigation bar that helps you sift through all of its content. Simply switch between popular Videos, the latest Videos, the top Videos (of the week, of the month or of all time), random videos, a huge list of keywords to choose from or a list of porn stars featured on the website.

The great thing about this feature is that no matter which of these options you choose, Youjizz doesn’t bother to take you to a whole new page; you stay on the original page, only the displayed content is changed. This is a design feature that I wish it would take over more pages. It makes browsing the website so much easier and faster.

Let off steam…

Other tabs in the navigation bar are “Live Sex”, “VR Porn”, “Meet & Fuck”, “Porn Games”and ” HD”. When you click on “Live Sex”, you come to Youjizz’s own Webcam site for adults, which (not to mention that it’s a little less common for a lesser-known Tube site to host its own Camming section) is always a nice gesture.

However, “VR Porn” seems to be a nonsensical Link that takes you to a random site (most of them are third-party Webcam sites), so this is nothing more than a crappy, misleading advertisement. The same goes for “Meet & Fuck”. This will take you to the Adult Friend Finder. Don’t even let me start with that…

Click on “Porn Games” and you will also be redirected to a random third-party site. However, at least on this tab, unlike YOUJIZZ’s “VR porn” tab, every time you click on it, you will be redirected to something related. So if you sign up for a membership and want to download a porn game, if you want to click on it, you can find a lot of it there.

At this point, I had almost given up on whether the remaining tabs of the navigation bar were useful at all, until I clicked on “HD”. I assumed that it would take me to another website offering HD Videos and fees, or to a place where youjizz would try to force me into a paid membership to access HD Videos. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised when Youjizz filtered the Videos on the site so that only High-Definition content was displayed. Don’t be fooled by the non-HD aspect ratio of some of these thumbnails; if you open them, they are all actually HD.

Although you don’t need to register for a Youjizz account to view any of the videos on offer (well, except to interact with the Webcam girls), they allow you to sign up for free. This allows you to upload Videos, like Videos and save Videos. I have to say that these features are far from enough to get me to make the effort to register an account with youjizz. You cannot comment on Videos or interact with other users in any way, shape or form. If I were to consider registering for a website like this, I would expect much more opportunities for interactivity.

You squirt off, you pay

One last thing to consider when comparing Youjizz with other similar Tube sites: ads. And youjizz definitely has them. First there is a pop-up advertisement that appears at the first click on the page (so fucking annoying). There are also ads to the right and at the bottom of the video pages as well as at the bottom of the Homepage. As if that wasn’t frustrating enough, Youjizz also plays ads before the Videos start; ads even appear when you pause the Videos.

This is an unacceptable number of ads for me. As you can see, I advertise here at website not at all and I get along quite well. A website for adults should exist to provide the user with a pleasant, enjoyable and simple experience and not to try to sell him shit.

I’m not an unreasonable Person or anything. I’m willing to look away for a few tastefully placed ads here and there, as long as they’re out of the way and don’t interfere with my enjoyment of the site. But if you keep me waiting to watch a Video, open a new page in my Browser, or try to trick me, I don’t fucking have that joy anymore. This is unacceptable.

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